another Grand Canyon evening

This series of images shows the progression of the sunset light on the view we had that evening. The colors and contrast clearly change throughout the sunset.

I have had others comment that shooting at the “golden hours” of sunset and sunrise was somehow cheating. I have never understand that critique, unless they were just too lazy or tired to get up or stay up for the sunrise or sunset. There are colors present at those times of day that may only be appreciated for less than 5 minutes.

Colors at these times of day are notably more intense and different than during the time when the sun is shining directly on the objects in view. There is less contrast or harshness to the scene also.

I find it much more difficult to get really good images in the times between sunset and sunrise without shooting in black and white. Ansel Adams shot a few images in color in his career, but commented that he was uncomfortable with color, because he really saw in black and white. Maybe it was a reflection of his years of shooting before the advent of color film. I have tried to see in tonalities of black and white, but it requires moving to a little-used part of my brain and takes a while. It is not my forte.

After shooting many times during this time of day, one comes to know when the light is “gone”. “Gone” means that the colors have lessened and the contrast has increased or decreased to a level that the “”good light” has passed, and subsequent images captured will be less than desired. There seems to be a quiet voice within that says, “It’s over and now it’s time for breakfast (or supper)”.

another Grand Canyon evening

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