a clearing day along the south rim

[Sorry about the time away, but there were technical difficulties here at the studio. If I weren’t so convinced I could upgrade my system better than a computer pro, I wouldn’t have lost a month. Inanimate objects seem to keep me humble. But now things are back up and running, so I’ll be catching up.]

Mid-morning the clouds and rain began to dissipate. The mystique and intensity of the previous two shoots were fading. So we wandered along several of the pull-offs along the south rim east of the visitors’ center to see what we could find. It is certainly a place to go back to many times in many seasons. But I would first go back in the monsoon season in the later 2 weeks of August (or so I hear from reputable sources.)

Please make sure to wander through the last two posts (here and here) to catch up on this 5 day photo op.

South Rim clearing views

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