a stormy Grand Canyon morning

After the last evening’s moody drama, I didn’t know what to expect. So arising to a gloomy, cloud covered sky made me hopeful. This morning’s project was to shoot panorama images. All the images in this gallery are 2-5 image stitches or compositions. That means that the final image is made from multiple images, because the scene I wanted to present was larger than the field of view of one lens. Sometimes the beauty in front of you is just too big to get with one image.

Overlapping each image by about 30% is the rule of thumb when making stitched images. I use Lightroom to stitch and combine multiple images, and it works well most of the time.

Having now said that, one has to know one’s lenses. I have a wonderful Zeiss 18 mm lens for Canon, and I absolutely love it. Zeiss is known for getting great clarity throughout the image. But it creates an image that may not give me the same detail as 6 different images with my Canon 24-75 f2.8. (I don’t like to talk techno or equipment regularly, but the choice of lens for stitching is really important.) The reason for choosing the Canon over the Zeiss for stitching is that I would end up with a 200+ MP image with 6 different Canon lens images to work on versus one 50 MP image. with the Zeiss lens. That really only matters if one is going to print large. But at the Grand Canyon, why would you want to limit yourself to only small images?

So this was the project this morning.

a stormy Grand Canyon morning

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