a stormy Grand Canyon evening

This evening was part of one of Alain and Natalie Briot’s little known workshops. This one was scheduled for the monsoon season at the Grand Canyon. It couldn’t have been timed more perfectly as the first night brought storms in from the west and showed an intensity that is not often seen.

The Grand Canyon even in the middle of the day is a geologic structure inspiring awe and silence at its majesty. One can only appreciated it from a distance. Sure, you can hike a few trails and raft down the river and stand at all the overlooks, but that is such a small part. It is too big to breath in and too big to seen at once.

Seeing these clouds and rainstorms move over the Canyon conveyed a timeless and moving quality to the scenes. This had been happening for millions of years, and this night was undoubtedly like many others before. The darkness and rain and shafts of moving light left me with the sense that something very powerful was happening in front of my eyes.

I had a project in mind for this night and constructed a series of images that were connected by a single element in each image. In this case the focus was on the Isis Temple. This set the tone for the rest of my time during that workshop. Projects became a major focus, as I had been instructed earlier by Alain. It was not until a year later that the light bulb came on about the importance and nature of projects. Somehow I just didn’t get it fully until later, even though I was working on them in a partially blind manner.

This night turned out to be particularly productive, and I return to these images regularly. Several of theses images were purposefully processed in a style similar to the Hudson River School of American romanticism. Thomas Cole and Albert Bierstadt are several of the one’s I know best, and I tried to mimic some of their color palettes and lighting in several of the larger panoramas. It is the first time I have processed some of my images in a manner or style of a previous art movement.

monsoons in the Grand Canyon

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