the last evening at the Dunes

Another afternoon storm greeted the end of my last full day at the Dunes.

I had walked about halfway up the Dunes for an evening shoot only to be greeted by torrential rains. Thankfully I had my rain parka and was kept dry, except for the area below the hemline, which was totally soaked. It’s not often we get really soaked here in scenic Colorado. But this was a full on, 3 hour rainstorm. Pretty neat actually, since it was so unusual. But it did send me back to camp to change clothes and pick another spot for the evening shoot.

Many images of the Great Sand Dunes are from the Visitors Center. That’s because it gives a great panorama of the southern Dunes and some of the mountains behind.

This evening I went to the Visitors Center and was hoping to get some late sunset colors, but, like the evening before, there were clouds covering the western horizon, and those beautiful intense oranges, reds, and magentas never materialized. Regardless, the patterns of light on the Dunes and the light coming thru breaks in the clouds provided ample inspiration.

All of these are “long shots” (as they say in the business). I used a 75-200mm lens the entire evening because of the distance to the Dunes from the Visitors Center. It is one of my favorite lenses, and one of the best of Canon’s lineup. Some of these images are single images, and others are multiple images stitched together.

BTW, I really like “glancing light”, i.e. light that just hits the tip of a point of interest. It is as if the day is saying to me, “Don’t blink or the moment will be past!”

last night at the Dunes

2 thoughts on “the last evening at the Dunes”

  1. wow, great lighting conditions! And the subtle colors in the dunes too. Looks great. My fav are:
    1) the header image – great light
    2) the first one in a gallery (vertical) – colors!
    3) second from the end – structure and subtle colors of the sand

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