rain in the Dunes

An interesting thing happens when it rains on the Dunes. The outer perhaps ½” becomes slightly caked. It turns dark. And as this caked layer dries out, it starts to break apart. A bit like watching an ice field break up in the water.

The ensuing shapes form odd textures and contrasts on the surface of the sand as it dries. They are soon gone and missed if not sought after.

Both afternoons I was there it rained. The first afternoon I was on the edge of the storm and did not get wet to any significant degree. The second afternoon I was right in the middle of it about half way up to the top of one of the ridges for an evening shoot. Fortunately I had my raingear top, which meant that my arms, torso, and head remained fairly dry. My legs below the hemline were totally soaked. Thankfully I decided to go back down to camp. It continued to rain for the next several hours.

This gallery is from both evenings’ shoots, showing the odd tonality and texture of the sand after a rain storm.

rain on the Dunes

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