artist's statement

The result of my artistic endeavors is a fine art photographic print. My art consists of a fine art digital print on museum quality paper that is matted and personally signed on the print and matting. The only time I do not sign a print is on folio prints. I sign the lower right hand corner of the border of the print, as well as on the lower right hand corner of the matting. I do not consider a print alone to be a work of art, and hence do not sell unmatted prints.

I may produce un-matted works of art on gallery wrap or metal or acrylic backing as I deem desirable. In that case my signature would still be in the lower right hand corner. As new forms of displaying photographic art develop, I may choose them at a later date to display my work.

I use an entirely digital workflow to achieve my prints. This includes the camera, software, and printer. I do not use photographic film or a chemical darkroom to produce my images and subsequent fine art prints.

I use all the adjustments and tools in the digital workflow to develop the image from the camera into a print that conveys what I wish to show. I adjust the exposure. contrast, and colors either in a part of the image or in its entirety. I will clone out some objects I find distracting, but I will not add any element from another image. In this way I maintain some integrity to the scene that captured my attention. I may combine multiple images into one or crop a single image as I see fit.

I use only museum- and archival-quality materials when producing my art.

It is my goal to show in its most pure form my experience and connection to nature through the final print.

The final result of my artistic efforts is a photographic print that conveys the beauty, awe, and attraction I find in the world in which we live. I strive to create a believable image, much in the same way a writer would write a believable work of literature.

Although my focus is landscape photography and the visual dialogue I experience in nature, I do not rule out at some later time focusing on some other aspect of life I wish to share. Although should that happen, the subject will change but the process will not. It is the fine art workflow I use that most defines my artistic style. As a painter may use different brushes to convey different textures or lines, so I use different tools in the digital darkroom to convey different aspects of my experience.

My art is all about the end result. And that is a fine art print.