about me

Here I am a photographic artist. In the rest of life I am a physician.

I express my photographic journey with its starts and stops and mishaps to show that even those, who are not classically trained as an artist or photographer, can produce their own art. I hope my journey inspires your's.

Earlier in life I become interested in photography as a way to capture unusual bits of life in nature. One of my photos of a climber on an overhang won a Denver Post photography contest. Yet without artistic training and with a dislike for the darkroom, my artistic pursuits in photography atrophied.

With the advent of digital photography I became fascinated with the possibilities of digital photography as an accessible way to produce photographic art. I spent many hours learning this new digital workflow and technology, until I became technically proficient but artistically deficient.

My art was all over the place, as I wandered from website to technical article to download that promised improvement in technique. Yet I languished in the world of taking-pictures-of-everything-I-liked. I went nowhere in terms of developing a personal artistic style. It was like chasing my shadow. Nothing became personal or, for that matter, terribly interesting. What I did not realize at that time was that I needed help developing an artistic perception, presentation, and focus on the art of my photography.

Then I came in contact with Alain Briot, whose writings, teaching DVD’s, and personal instruction helped me orient my work in an artistic manner that began to help me develop a personal style and progress along an artistic journey. I continue that dialogue with Alain and others along the same path. Making one’s photography art is a rarely traveled path if you consider all the images posted on the Internet each day. And becoming a photographic artist is even more rare. I will forever be indebted to Alain and Natalie for their kind direction in orienting such a misfit as me. I continue to maintain an active mentoring and friendship with them.

Currently my art focuses on Colorado and the southwest US, where I learned to first see the color and form I wished to express.

There will be no end or destination to my art. It is just the expression of my evolving appreciation of life through the camera and its expression in print. It is a journey, a stroll through life and a way to express something that cannot be expressed otherwise.

Often the word "aesthetic" is associated with art. After hearing it so often I felt compelled to offer my definition of the word. It is commonly defined as “concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty“. But for me the word "aesthetic" goes farther and conveys an additional sense of meaning, a personal meaning about life and the visual participation in life that is the basis of my art. An artist can never escape his or her own perceptions and meaning of those perceptions. It appears to be built into the system. Therefore if one is called or compelled or made to be an artist, one best pay attention. It is the build-in need to express one's perception in a meaningful and tangible manner that is the inescapable journey.

My work is the expression of my experiences in nature. It expresses the awe, fascination, appreciation, and enfolding of my life in the natural world.

I hope you enjoy.