storm clearing over Yellowstone Lake

The gallery shows the Yellowstone River as it is leaving Yellowstone Lake, as well as some images of the overnight storm leaving the area. The angle of the early morning sun made for a sparkle in the water and trees that drew my eye, attention, and delight. I was headed south from Gardiner, Montana, through the Park. There really are only a few roads in the Park – one going basically north to south and the other going east to west with a little triangle in the middle.

There is always something deeply stirring about light coming from behind something, in this case, the clouds. It seems to say “…the source of the light is beyond what can be seen, and we can only see its reflection, not its source…” It is one of the fundamental metaphors of all religions. Perhaps that is why it is often so stirring. Sometimes we sense or perceive something behind or more than what is seen. It may elicit a search for that source of light. It may turn out to be a short or a life-long journey.

The images of the Yellowstone River are within a mile of the the lake. It is a remarkably large river for one that originates from a lake. Frankly the whole area is quite remarkable. You are driving along in a pine forest and take a turn in the road. Suddenly there are steam vents and bubbling mud pits and pools of muddy water with the acidity of battery acid. And the occasional smell of rotten eggs. Not really bad rotten eggs, but just enough to remind you of rotten eggs. As I mentioned earlier, it is a truly weird place. Remarkably beautiful and weird enough to make you feel very far away from your regular life.

Yellowstone Lake and the clearing storm

3 thoughts on “storm clearing over Yellowstone Lake”

  1. the passing storm offers some unpredictable and often beautiful conditions. I like the deep blue color in some of your photos, in the first one in particular. Other than that my favs are the two last photos. One for the amazing back light and the other one for the contrast between the dark sky and the snow. Great work!

    1. Anton,
      I got a comment about “they” liking my work. I would love to share commentary and critique, but I don’t know who “they” are…

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