September 2017 print of the month

This month’s print is the second print from my White Sands experience. These two images represent <1% of the total number of shots during my time there. I have heard it said that 1-3% of images taken (by advanced practitioners) are worthy of a fine art categorization.

I was shooting with the sun coming up to my left with the grey evening clouds disbursing in the background. I could see that there could be the potential for some soft color contrasts on the forms of the dunes. I knew the upward-facing portion of the dunes would reflect a blue tint from the sky but was not sure what to expect of the eastward-facing part of the dunes. This was a telephoto shot in order to get the lines compressed.

I took about 24 images standing in this spot, waiting for the sun to rise. At times like this you have to make a choice. Do you stay here and miss other opportunities elsewhere or do you wait to see what the color and light will bring to this view, not knowing whether there will be images worth keeping? Photographic art is sometimes chance, but, for the patient, returning to the same location to see what light and season bring to the landscape helps define the depth of one’s art.

September 2017 print of the month

(Because of the non-standard size of this print, I will be offering only one matted size.)

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  1. This is a work of fine art. The composition and the timing of the shot relative to the light source are flawless.

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