Sedona mornings

This project is a compilation from four morning shoots to the south of Sedona Arizona. Each day was unique and offered a different perspective from the usual Sedona images I have seen.

On these early spring mornings the light for 10-20 minutes held the most pastel colors I have consistently seen.

The Sedona area carries a lot story and myth, but is truly a remarkable and compelling area. Too much overlay of mysticism and commercialism for me to settle in. But it’s geographic architecture is truly splendid. Because it has been so publicized and photographed, I could not bring myself to produce the same images I had seen before.

So this project is to show the morning’s subtly in the early spring. Soft colors and soft contrast was the focus of this project.

Sedona mornings

3 thoughts on “Sedona mornings”

  1. These art works of Sedona Mornings invite me to walk right into them. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. A relaxing, inviting slow paced and soft feeling set of pictures for me to enjoy and ponder. I’m as drawn to the interesting detailed look of the up close objects as I am the feeling of losing myself in the distant skylines. I enjoyed this set quite a bit.


    1. This collection was a deliberate intent to show a softer perspective on the mornings’ experience.

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