Sand Dunes day 2 morning

The mountains at the Dunes are to the east. The sun rises in the east. If you want the sunrise, mountains, and sand dunes together in your shots, you have to go to the south and western side of the dunes. I did not go to the western side of the dunes as planned. Instead I looked mostly for side light as the sun rose on the southern part of the dunes.

There was no one present, so the solitude allowed more appreciation of the evolving light on the shapes in front of me. At times like this, life seems most alive. I miss it in my day-to-day world. Some dismiss this time of the day, called the morning golden hour, as if if were too easy to take pictures at this time. I would contend the opposite, as the light and color is more transient and evanescent, attention and focus are even more necessary than at other times of the day. Although it does not change every few seconds, by the time you’ve set up for your shot, the light can be different enough.

I also liked Medano Creek. It was a bit muddy this morning because of the rains the previous afternoon. It is only about 1-2 inches deep, so you don’t get wet unless you want to. The ripples are changing constantly because of its shallow depth. They reminded me of the shapes of the dunes, but changing as if time were sped up.

These images are from the morning shoot, which lasted until about 10 am, when I walked back along Medano Creek. This morning I did not climb up into the dunes but walked along the southern dunes, which are much smaller and have a beautifully arcing line to them.

morning at the Dunes

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