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I will be offering a print of the month, which will be a work of art across all my work. It will not be shown in blog posts or other galleries. These images are of particular interest to me and will receive comment individually as I announce them.

Each image conveys a story that I will share. But once the image is seen by you, a story must be created by you. Art is in part about the artist’s story, but more importantly it is about the viewer’s story and connection. That is what connects each of us to a work of art. Some art strikes a dull note without eliciting interest. Other art grabs us, and something in us says, “Yes!!”.

My story may lead a viewer to see the work a bit differently and allow an unapproachable work of art to be seen with fresh eyes. That is why each of my prints of the month start with a story. Otherwise it is just another picture. On the one hand it is my art, and on the other it could possibly be yours. If it becomes yours, your story becomes attached to it.

Viewing art requires more than the 2.2 seconds an internet image receives as an average. I don’t mind a brief viewing. I just don’t expect that transient viewer is trying to listen to what is being said in the art.

Life is short. And life has become fast. Yet meaning lies in the slower parts of life.

I will catch up on each of the print of the month postings, since I already have the last 3 months available. So look for the announcements!

Print of the month

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