Mammoth Hot Springs #3

This collection shows a series of foreground-only images and shows the range of subjects in the pools and area around the hot springs.

This was a time in my journey when there was much less focus to my work. I returned here from farther down the road of learning and critique to reconstruct these images for presentation. I plan to return to the hot springs at a later date to see with eyes that are from farther down the journey.

Mind you, these are not great works of art. They reflect the best I could produce at this time. But I hope they are illustrative and entertaining!


4 thoughts on “Mammoth Hot Springs #3”

    1. Anton,
      Yes, there was a storm moving in at the time of that shot.

      I looked over your site and was delighted with the breadth of your work. I also like the cleanliness of your site. Your work is very well and thoughtfully done. Well matched color palates and lighting. You shouldn’t apologize for editing and processing your work. Those who don’t know that, don’t get it.

      I’m sorry, but I would like to offer some constructive critique about your site. The cart icon is a bit obscure and did not seem to load up an image for purchase. Perhaps things aren’t completely finished. (BTW, do you print your own work?)
      I would also recommend having your subscription sign up in more obvious places that in the footer, particularly with these large vertical pages. Perhaps just below your main page image and on your blog, perhaps in a sidebar. I suspect you, like me, could use a lot more traffic!
      I wish you well and look forward to following your work!

      1. thanks a lot for your feedback and comments! The color management btw is my major pain point. I don’t have the internal feeling of the color and matching, so working hard on that.

        I don’t like the cart functionality either 🙁 This is currently the best wordpress plugin I could find for this purpose. I’ve disabled all of it for a while. The subscription panel comment is a great idea! Will relocate it. Wishing you well as well, this was an awesome comment to receive.

        1. I use a website framework by Matthew at The Turning Gate. It is specifically oriented to photographers. Main problem is a pretty steep learning curve, but the support from the forum is world class responsive and helpful. The moderators are extremely knowledgeable, and I would say I could not have done all the fine details I wanted without their help. The newest iteration called Backlight easily integrates with Lightroom and allows publishing directly from there. Also comes with a basic theme for WordPress. It would be worth looking at. (This is an unpaid plug for their work.) Once it’s set up, life goes along pretty smoothly. However changing websites is a true brain-damaging proposition.

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