blog vs. print of the month

Several have asked why the blog posts are not in concert with the prints of the month. That is a very good question, so I felt like writing a brief post about the answer.

Basically, there are two lines of conversation in my site.

  1. The blog posts are stories of my photographic journey. Sometimes they show images worthy of fine art prints but most of the time not. For many beginning in fine art landscape photography, I hope to offer a glimpse of hope and sense of progression in the journey of art via the camera. These posts are meant to show the mistakes and opportunities for learning as I have wandered in the world of photographic art. They also show where I’ve been … artistically, spiritually, physically, emotionally, psychologically, metaphorically, and all the other -ically’s.
  2. The print of the month reflects my current appreciation of my own work. This is a reflection on images past and recent. This offers a different perspective on my art than the dialogue that comes from my blog posts. It offers a more learned and seasoned appreciation of my work that I wish to share.

I hope this helps in understanding the flow in the blog posts and the print of the month presentations.

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