a brief post about a small waterfall in the Park

There seem to be a gozillion little turn-offs in Yellowstone National Park, some only one car wide and a few cars long. It also seems that it would take several months to stop at all of them and spend the time to truly appreciate where they lead. I have heard stories of Yellowstone being so full of people and RV’s that there is a standstill on the roads. At least on this day in October after the park had closed all facilities, it was peaceful. I finally stopped at one of these random pull-offs after shooting the lower Yellowstone falls and canyon. I walked down these icy stairs to a place where I could view this 15-20 foot waterfall.

There is something mesmerizing about water flowing with such abandon over a cliff, splattering at the bottom without being harmed in any way…and then gathering itself back together into a cohesive river or stream.

The sunlight was just beginning to show through some of the clouds, providing a beautiful fringe of light to some of the leaves. This was a brief shoot, and I moved on to get the Yellowstone Lake and the River.

Waterfalls to me are difficult subjects. Too many questions seem to surround them. Do you shoot fast to capture the water droplets or slow to get a flowing movement? Narrow depth of field or deeper? What else goes into the image? Do you shoot from the side or top or bottom of the falls? Etc, etc, etc… I haven’t come to a good answer. All of my waterfall images look like everyone else’s, so I suppose I will have to just keep working at it.

one of many waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park

2 thoughts on “a brief post about a small waterfall in the Park”

  1. I like your featured choice the best. It looks most like your style which I have come to enjoy. The main water feature is beautifully captured but then “something else” grabs and holds my attention – the brown moss on the rocks- is all intricate in its own way. Thanks again for posts.

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